After participating in a recent spiritual formation study, I learned that in this busy world we live in, it is important to slow down. We need time to reflect and decipher what is in our hearts. Why am I here, what does God have planned for me, and how do I show my gratitude are all thoughts that were roaming in my head as I put togher a soul training plan. A plan for how I was to connect with God on a regular basis.


The book "Eyes of the Heart" by Christine Valters Paintner found it's way into my hands. This is where I first learned the terms contemplative photography and visio divina.


The journey through that book deeply impacted me and other people as I shared the resulting photos. I was encouraged to share my jouney with other photographers. And so in January of 2014 a close group of friends began to meet to find God through the lenses of their cameras.


We now invite you to join us as well. Our goal is to venture out into the heart of Sioux Falls to find that beauty that God has implanted into our community and reflect upon it in the depths of our soul which will connect us to our divine creator.


While we use our images for personal reflection, we also share some of these on our facebook page. It is a great way to share the revelations and sometimes the struggles that God is helping work through in our lives.


Check it out and join us on our journey.

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